Thursday, November 20, 2014

The True Secret To Business Success

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner and preparations are in full swing. For many people, this is the day to give thanks for what they have and celebrate their blessings with turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce, and gravy… Nothing wrong with that, but I challenge you to take a deep breath and ask yourself:

What are you grateful for RIGHT THIS MOMENT?

When did you last make room for gratitude amidst the chaos and confusion that is the entrepreneurial mind? It’s probably been a while…

If you’re going to ask me about my #1 tip on how to grow a successful business, it’s not a particular software program that I recommend, nor is it a book, a business guru, or a fancy program. It’s much easier and cost-efficient. It’s practicing GRATITUDE!

In today's performance-oriented society, it’s easy to be negative, critical, and pessimistic. Instead of focusing on the blessings that surround us, we focus on what we don't have. And what we focus on expands! This is why the practice of gratitude is so important. When we are grateful, we are in the present moment. We learn to see challenges and mistakes as opportunities for growth.

The power of gratitude is absolutely amazing! When you practice gratitude, you are more energetic, more balanced, and more determined. Practicing gratitude can improve the relationships that you have with existing clients or customers. An attitude of gratitude will make you a magnet to opportunities and abundance. You will be amazed at how things just FLOW to you.

It is impossible to be negative, sad, or critical when you feel grateful. Counting your blessings reminds you of all of the wonderful things and people in your life. And it makes you aware of what matters most in your life.

Gratitude opens up your ability to attract more of what you want, because you appreciate what you already have

Watch out for part 2 of  "The True Secret To Business Succes."

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