Tuesday, June 13, 2017

As I am just returning from some downtime with one of my longtime BFF's whom I haven't seen in awhile, I am reminded of how important vacation is not only for my personal health, but also for my business!

How high a priority is taking a vacation?  Are you waiting until “things calm down” or are more “under control?”  Maybe when you have more money?  Stop that right now!

Vacations are critically important not only for your health and well -being, but also for your ability to be creative and productive and those who are self- employed and on the more entrepreneurial track are especially difficult to convince to take the time – and you probably need to be doing it more often than you are.

There is a misguided perception that if you stay in town, it will improve your business.  Not true.  Why?

1)      Your brain needs downtime to run efficiently.  Your brain cannot go 100% or it will break down. You don’t let your vacuum cleaner run day after day; your brain needs to be off as well.  It needs to re-boot to function properly and keep your business refreshed!

2)      Time away produces the “happiness” chemical of serotonin which increases your sense of well- being and promotes creativity.  Richard Branson says that anyone who does not come home from vacation with a few better ideas for their business has bigger problems.

3)    Vacation makes you feel refreshed and energized.  Changing your everyday routine and getting some truly restful sleep can give you more energy to look at your challenges with a fresh perspective and return home ready to tackle your goals.

4)      Sound crazy?  The accounting firm of Ernst and Young did a study on the productivity of their employees and found that those who took extended vacations produced at least 8% better than those who skipped vacations.

So, if you want to really be productive this year, pack your bags!!

PS:  Let me know what YOUR vacation plans are this year!

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