Thursday, May 28, 2015

Erica's New Car!

Erica Stambler began with Fired Up for Success in 2012, went through Core Essence, and has continued to participate in telephone Mastermind Groups and in-person Premiere Masterminds.  Starting with the 2012 Vision Workshop, Erica honed and refined her vision of what a law practice is to her and, from that vision, she launched what is now a bustling and successful law firm, The Stambler Law Office (

 While she presented her significant expertise as a business, contracts, and trademark attorney impressively to others, something was amiss...she still drove to her clients and speaking events in a 15 year old car.  "After all, it was practical and reliable (most of the time).  Besides, I don’t want to be perceived as one of those (heartless) high powered types that I saw when I was working in the big firms.”  By exploring that perception and what her car represented with her Premiere Mastermind group, she reframed her view of what kind of attorney drives a luxury vehicle--a High Integrity One!
And, she quickly grasped that a high integrity attorney can drive a brand new Lexus and still be accessible to and supportive of others.  Interestingly, the same day, a colleague reflected back to her the exact words: “You are such a high integrity attorney.” 

What we believe, we receive.  

We all have beliefs that subtly sabotage us.  What beliefs are holding you back?  How are you denying yourself the income, ease, or support you truly deserve to move you forward? You need to do it yourself... but you don't need to do it alone.  Help is here.

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