Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How is Your Business Like a Go-Kart ?

Guess what? Some kids took their Moms to brunch for Mother’s Day!! My fabulous daughter, Brandy and her  friend, Luke, let me loose to go kart racing and it was a blast!  I immediately wanted to go super- fast, but I realized that to get ahead it was more important to stay focused (so I didn’t bounce off the track or hit other cars and lose it all.) As I really concentrated, I realized it was more about strategy than speed. Maneuvering effectively was far more critical than being fast, and would actually help me get ahead of the other cars.

What a metaphor for success! So many of us want what we want – NOW! But, if you’re going really fast, you can make big mistakes that can throw you off the track. That’s why the Fired Up for Success approach encourages:“Success is accomplished moving forward taking the smallest steps possible on a consistent basis over an extended period of time.”

Does that sound like progress will be slow? Quite the contrary. Constant progress is waay better than taking huge leaps - and then finding out that you simply weren't prepared and are now facing a setback.  Think about it.

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