Thursday, December 30, 2010

5 Secrets to Happy Holidays

Here are my 5 secrets to the happiest of holidays.

#1) Slow down.
I'm a rush type person, so my speeds are "Quick...Zippy....and Speedy." Slow it down. Keep it simpler. Enjoy whatever is going on, and rest between bouts of parties and visits. The simpler I have made this time of year, the more I have truly enjoyed it. My family does a secret Santa rather than buying tons of gifts for everyone. Even Mom's table is going to be a little simpler this year. It puts the focus on being together.

#2) Be extraordinarily kind.
In the rush of gift buying and mall shopping, sometimes we forget to be kind. This is not always an easy time for people. Take notice and perform a random act of kindness, and your holiday will be brighter.

#3) Take some time alone.
It's so easy to get distracted by the to do list. This is also a great time to stop and smell the candles and listen to the angels sing, and a great time for a heavy dose of gratitude.

#4) Get involved.
Oh, I know this seems counter to what I just said. It's easy to be shallow, surface and not really present this time of year. But, who needs you? If you're alone, who else is alone that you can help? Get involved with the people you care about or need you. Make an effort to really connect.

#5) Let go.
Nothing is gong to happen on schedule. The dog may eat Grannie's gift. The weather won't be what you want. Let it all go. It's part of the holiday experience...and actually what will make it memorable. Laugh about it. Laughter is an amazing spiritual energy. Enjoy it all. Focus on being happy and loving no matter what.

On that note, I can't tell you how important all my friends, clients and subscribers are to me. I thank you and appreciate your involvement. Here's to a wonderful holiday for you and yours!!