Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to Leverage Your Services

I have been speaking a LOT lately and the message from my audiences is clear.                                                                                         
There are a lot of tired people working hard to try to keep their businesses and careers afloat, and it's exhausting. Here's the problem: The more you work to succeed, the more success you achieve and the more work there is to do, and the less time you have. Anyone experience this? Sometimes its seems like an impossible cycle.
The idea of working less but making more money may seem like a pipe dream, but it's not if you are using the right business models and tools.
For most of us, the solution is in re-structuring and leveraging. I've had to do it myself and will have to do it some more. You probably need to do it too.
But, what on earth does "leveraging" really mean?
Leverage is the art of doing less while multiplying your results with roughly the same resources you already have. If this seems vague, I am dedicating the next 3 months of First Mondays to introduce you to some outstanding examples of solo-entrepreneurs who are "leveraging" very effectively! This is not pie in the sky; these are real people with real results and you can use some of their great ideas for your own ventures!
I am so excited that my first guest is Helen Hodgson, my friend and Premiere Mastermind member who has given me permission to grill her on what took her from being burned out as a massage therapist to running her massage therapy empire here in Southern California!!
Helen Hodgson started her own mobile spa business www.servethegoddess.com in 2000 after working for many prestigious salons & spas in Beverly Hills, California. She was voted one of the best massage therapists by Allure magazine and was featured in Massage magazine, Vibe Vixen, & Chill Out LA. Her TV & radio appearances include NBC, The Benefits of Massage, E Channel Prepping your skin for summer with sunless tanning, Discovery Channel -Relationship make over-Couples massage instruction, MTV -The X effect couples massage instruction, and more!

Helen is a licensed massage therapist in State of California, a Registered Nurse, Fitness Trainer and a member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. Helen is a certified trainer and the California state coordinator of the Emergency Response Massage International Team responsible for sending out massage therapists for First Responders at disaster sites.

Helen & her team of 50 consisting of massage therapists, estheticians and nail technicians, provide massage & spa services in homes, offices and at special events for individuals, couples & groups.
In our conversation you are going to:
  • Learn the strategy of serving increasing your income by as much as 300-500% with the same work hours.
  • The very first steps you need to take to begin your leveraging process that will begin increasing your income immediately.
  • Why this is perfect for the small business/solo-entrepreneur.
  • Why leveraging is almost cost free with a huge payback.
  • And, wait til you hear what she's doing to upleve her own leveraging NEXT!!
Yep, once you get the hang of it, it's the gift that keeps on giving!

PS: This is the audio link to our teleclass.  Enjoy!   http://www.audioacrobat.com/play/WJrd5tyS