Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm excited to share some cool pictures from the outing my Premiere Mastermind and I took last week! (Thank you, Vanessa, for the great photography!)

We decided to "get out of Dodge" and get a fresh environment for our monthly live Mastermind meeting. You can see what a stellar group we are! (missing Elaine Schneider who was between cities). But, we had a conversation about how at first some of us actually resisted going because It was hard to let go and spend a day being "non-productive." Once there, all that changed. Surrounded by amazing architecture, beautiful weather and breathtaking exhibits, our perspectives opened and creativity kicked in. "I am so glad I came," one member said. "My TO DO list will be waiting for me. I wouldn't ever want to miss this!" (Neither did Leslie below who found her ideal Louis XIV gold gilded bedroom below.)
Letting go of our work and routine to let in new experiences or be spontaneous is difficult for many of us swamped with the detail of life. Here are some thoughts that could improve the quality of your life:

1) Stop waiting for the right time to relax. Once engaged in work, the work compulsion takes over. There will never seem like a good time to get away ....until you get away. Once on break, you will wonder why it took you so long to do it.

2) Plan a mid-week getaway or "day trip" to a local museum or amusement park. You need more than an hour to let go; take most of the day and do something that totally takes you away from the routine of your life and work.

3) Make a list of things you want to do but never get around to....and start making plans to do them. We all have our bucket list. Don't wait until you're old; start doing something now.

4) Treat your break away commitments as sacredly as your income goals; they are probably more important. One is a commitment to your work; the second is a commitment to yourself. Be sure you keep it. This is WHY you are working - it's always good to remember that!!

PS: People ask me how they get to be a part of the Premiere Mastermind.

There is no sales page because it's a limited group, but there is an opening right now. It is my coaching focus so I have to keep it small. You get my undivided attention when you're in this group. But you can read a little more on the sidebar, and I will be happy to send you a sheet with the incredible benefits. Just ONE of the benefits is membership in the Fired Up Mastermind Network which can be found at Feel free to write me with questions at