Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Freshen Up Your Business Just Like You Do Your House

You know how your house gets "stuffy?."  It's a good house - you love it, but there's too much clutter hanging around, it may feel a little claustrophobic and you want to bring in new things, but there's no place to put them? 

This is like your life and definitely your business. To bring in new fresher ideas and goals, first you have to air out old ideas, feelings, and ways you've been doing things to have a bigger, more exciting passionate vision for what is truly possible.  Almost impossible to do alone. 

I rarely ask you to do anything I haven't done.  After 2.5 decades of helping thousands of clients discover what they are here to do - and then do it - I thought that should be more than enough. I still love that work, but I discovered I  needed an "airing out" myself.

You'll begin to see some changes from me and updated programs that really excite me. New website coming and you may notice I have a  current photo!  (Thank you Heather Leyse Photography!) This is just the beginning.  There's more!

I realized a lot of us need to be shaken out and have some more air, and for the first time in many years for October only I am setting aside a few spaces for one time personal sessions.

This is a 1.5 hour session to bring new air and possibilities into wherever you are now.  Sometimes we just need a quick readjustment to get ready for visioning for the new year. (Yes, that's coming soon.)If you want to fire up your life and business and create some real energy and strategy for what's coming, I am offering a one time "Strategy and Vision Fresh-Up and Air Out Session"  at http://bit.ly/2zNN35H for $197. Afterwards, we even allow you to apply it to some of our other programs. 

When you register, I'll send you a quick questionnaire so we don't waste time to pin point your needs.  We will set up your appointment and can meet at my office, on Zoom or on our teleconference line - whatever makes you the most comfortable.

We will talk about what you've done right - what's working and then what you want to be different. We may address blocks but get to what you want to do that you're not doing - that book - that webinar - that marketing strategy - taking time off - overcoming the blocks and fears - money - whatever comes up and then we'll focus on the primary ones to get you shifted into a new level so you can be excited and passionate about what's coming.    Most importantly, I want you to walk away feeling more excited and focused about your future!  No matter how "cool for school you are" or how many years in  business , we all need to be re-lit from time to time.

If you're feeling the twinge: you, know, the "maybe I should do this", it's a great time and opportunity, but I do have limited space.  Register herehttp://bit.ly/2zNN35H