Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So, you're stuck.

Everyone asks: What's your vision? What are your goals? Wait, which is which? Where do you start?

In my Fired Up Mastermind system, we each create ONE 90 Day Vision and then move forward through the Mastermind teams by making incremental goals in alignment with this Vision.

But, here are some great questions I have been asked, and thought I should address:

Q: Why only ONE vision? I have a lot of things I want to work on.

A: Most of us lack focus. We are assailed by information, e-mails and TO-DO lists of all kinds. It's not that you can't address several areas in your life as they come up, but it’s important you have one simple focus for 90 Days. You can still do other things. But, the one Vision will keep you centered, help you to organize your time better, and feel like you have accomplished more at the end of 90 days.

Q: What’s the difference between a goal and a vision?

A: A vision has a more emotional content. It makes you FEEL something. It embodies nebulous states of being like freedom, success, abundance, respect, balance, etc. Often a vision is just presented to us. Some of you have said things like, “Suddenly I saw what is possible.” Or “I know I want to be a speaker and I can feel myself on stage talking to hundreds of people, but I have no idea how that could happen.” A vision is a piece of your dream.

A goal is the quantifiable measurement of your actions. For instance, for the speaker above, a 90 day vision might be broken down that in 90 days they are starting to do talks. Wow!

Then the goal actions might be to investigate at least 3 programs that service speakers, join Toastmasters, and define a topic. Some of you might be familiar with the “SMART” goals concept that defines good goals as being “SPECIFIC, MEASUREABLE, ACHIEVEABLE, REALISTIC and TIMELY.” These are the earmarks of great goal setting.

Q: Does this mean you think a vision is more important than a goal? Do I need a goal or do I need a vision?

A: We all need BOTH. You need something meaningful, passionate and fulfilling to work toward, and you need the small, quantifiable, simple steps to move toward it. Unfortunately, many of us set goals before we have a strong sense of a passionate vision.

For instance, you might decide your goal is: “I’m going to increase my income by 50%in the next 6 months." Good goal, but is it appropriate for you? Is it really what you want to do? Do you want that much more work? How will that impact your lifestyle? In reality, you may want that money because you believe it will bring you more freedom. The driving vision then is all about freedom. Everything needs to be geared toward creating more freedom for you. The best goals are connected to a vision.

If you want to connect with a more meaningful vision, just discuss below or contact me. Stay fired up!