Sunday, May 3, 2009

Entrepreneurs: Get Focused with a Mastermind

What’s the #1 challenge most entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants face today?

Focus. As an experienced coach for the past 20 years,
“staying focused” has been the top concern of literally thousands of my clients.

We are constantly distracted. We have responsibilities to our children, friends, spouses, aging parents, and school and on and on – and we aren’t even at work yet.

Once at our business, the “To Do” List is endless. The “Information Age” has become the “Over-Information Age.” Data, ideas and demands stream in from everywhere: the phone, e-mail, text messaging, Facebook and Twitter. As is if that isn’t enough, cell phones make us totally accessible. We can be found give us MORE.

Then add the confusing landscape for entrepreneurs to marketing their services. Should we be active in the community, speaking, writing articles, branding ourselves, fixing our website (oh, wait do I have that yet?), or get a better social networking strategy? How can we get the time to do all this?

Yikes! There seems no escape. What’s the answer?

A Mastermind group becomes critical whether you are a new or experienced entrepreneur. You need to have a place to show up for up for yourself regularly. It’s not just going to happen on your own. As mentioned, there are just too many distractions.

Mastermind groups are not just to build business, but to build our lives. They offer the opportunity to regularly sort through our options, take a balanced look and make proactive, rather than reactive decisions. For a mere 3-4 hours a month, we save ourselves weeks and months of being frustrated, fragmented and stuck. In my groups, members do get stuck, but they rarely remain there. When you take the time for additional input, brainstorming, and support, you will discover your life and business decisions netting you much greater reward and profit in a much shorter period of time.

I don’t know about you, but especially as an entrepreneur, I need structure. I chose not to have to show up for a boss a long time ago, but, in the process I have discovered I don’t always show up for myself.

Want focus? Try a Mastermind group!

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