Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MONEY AND FEAR: 4 Principles to Transform Your Fears into Money Producing Behaviors!"

Can you succeed in uncertain times? Absolutely. In fact, some of the greatest amounts of money have been made in difficult economic times. Uncertainty also presents new possibilties.

Unfortunately, during any time of change, we become vulnerable to our basest fears. Fear produces more fear which produces anxiety, closed doors, and inability to think creatively which is aboslutely crucial. But, with new information and possibilities, a fresh approach, a little discipline, and support, we can produce outcomes that really support our needs.

Listen to the audio for a very new view and a lot of kick it money receiving attitude: (part I) (part II)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

55 and Out of Work

The “Baby Boomer” generation encompasses almost 80 million people in the United States. It is the largest segment of our population. Demographically they are defined as those people born between 1946 and 1964; that boom of children born of the returning soldiers from World War II. (Those soldiers got really busy when they got home.)

We are one of the most influencial generations in history; a true phenomenon.

Now aged between 47 and 65, these Boomers are also more and more out of work. They are laid off because they are too smart, too experienced and too expensive. They can be replaced with a younger version that costs half as much. Many will never return to a job again.

Some leave because they can’t take it any more. Corporate life can be very competitive, boring and routine. This intelligent generation with high expectations and low tolerance for authority (these are statistical facts, not my opinion) find themselves bored senseless after 20 years in the same job but have extended life expectancy, good health and not nearly enough money to retire.

Of course, I am a “Boomer” myself, and I haven’t had a job in a lot of years. I have had a business.

This is the hope for all Boomers: self-employment! The problem is that many of my Boomer clients are afraid to have their own businesses. Some of you may not have really considered it because you didn’t know where to begin - and you’re used to having a job. But Boomers can actually be well suited to the entrepreneurial style. Boomers tend to appreciate independence, they do mistrust authority, and they are at a time of life when they are highly skilled.

My opinion is that whether or not you return to corporate life, starting a small business is an excellent step because it keeps you in the game; it gives you focus. We are still the most influencial generation in history, and we need to be active and involved in commerce.

Also, a lot of people think “starting a business” is like starting IBM. This is not about empire building; this is a survival technique. It is usually home-based and requires at least a business card. We are in an era that is not focused on "jobs," as much as "projects," “outsourcing," and "part time."

Having a business teaches you about leading, time management, marketing, and presenting - all of which are important in the marketplace today. Also, when you start to look at your work life as comprised of "services you are offering" is more empowering and allows you to think in terms of 2 or 4 "clients" you serve as opposed to serving only one: a boss.

I could write more about this (and probably will) and I am passionate about helping anyone who falls into this category and wants help to make this transition. I happily extend a free coaching session to you. You can write me at with a request for a 30 minute phone coaching or sign up at