Monday, February 4, 2013

The Dilemma of the Heart Based Entrepreneur

We're only 2 weeks away from the Ultimate Love Celebration - Valentines Day - and you may be in the process of creating, re-structuring or improving what some call a "Heart Based Business."
You may not actually call it that to other people - except to others like you - but I have a lot of you as clients, I am one myself, and I know "The Big Dilemma."   

Your business is not about profit margins and widgets sold. Your focus is more likely about  "transformation," "purpose,"  and "spiritual connection."  Whether it's through massage, energy healing, coaching, therapy, consulting or the thousands of self-help channels, you are clear that you do not embrace the old paradigm of being in business just to make money.
Your primary focus is most likely to help others and improve the planet, so focusing on what it takes to make money may seem heartless and cold.
But, here's the big dilemma: as we are beating our chests about being more "conscious," and "aware," many heart based entrepreneurs are struggling to pay their bills and aren't making the money to do what they need to really provide better customer service and expand their practices to become truly successful. Some actually avoid success for fear it would taint their services.   (Don't you think your clients would prefer to work with someone who is highly recognized and rewarded for their work?) But, if you are barely keeping your head above water, how many people can you really help? How is this really purposeful?  How do you be heartfelt and yet business conscious at the same time? This is the dilemma.
But, I want you to know there are also many who thrive. I am delighted to say we have a number of them in our network. But we all need a bridge that ties together the service side with the business and success side in our heart centered world.
That's why I'm so excited to be chatting with Camille Leon next Tuesday on our monthly complimentary teleclass.  She's the founder and Executive Director of the The Holistic Chamber of Commerce, a national organization serving over 750 professional "heart based entrepreneurs" in 27 states.  We get her just before she heads to Washington D.C. as a featured speaker at the Voice for HOPE conference.
She understands The Dilemma better than anyone I know, and has an easy to understand solution. She and l will talk about her
"6 Elements to Being a Successful Heart Based Entrepreneur in 2013" next Tuesday, Feb. 5.
  • You will learn you do not have to give up your heart to be successful.
  • She will share how to honor all parts of yourself - your Mind, Body and Spirit.
  • We will discuss case studies of solutions she has experienced in her organization.
  • You will learn the steps you need to start that will begin improving your income and ability to serve others.
  • And, you will have the opportunity to ask her questions!
This is really important stuff and I know you want to hear what she has to say!  If you are heart based entrepreneur, do not miss this!
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