Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Freshen Up Your Business Just Like You Do Your House

You know how your house gets "stuffy?."  It's a good house - you love it, but there's too much clutter hanging around, it may feel a little claustrophobic and you want to bring in new things, but there's no place to put them? 

This is like your life and definitely your business. To bring in new fresher ideas and goals, first you have to air out old ideas, feelings, and ways you've been doing things to have a bigger, more exciting passionate vision for what is truly possible.  Almost impossible to do alone. 

I rarely ask you to do anything I haven't done.  After 2.5 decades of helping thousands of clients discover what they are here to do - and then do it - I thought that should be more than enough. I still love that work, but I discovered I  needed an "airing out" myself.

You'll begin to see some changes from me and updated programs that really excite me. New website coming and you may notice I have a  current photo!  (Thank you Heather Leyse Photography!) This is just the beginning.  There's more!

I realized a lot of us need to be shaken out and have some more air, and for the first time in many years for October only I am setting aside a few spaces for one time personal sessions.

This is a 1.5 hour session to bring new air and possibilities into wherever you are now.  Sometimes we just need a quick readjustment to get ready for visioning for the new year. (Yes, that's coming soon.)If you want to fire up your life and business and create some real energy and strategy for what's coming, I am offering a one time "Strategy and Vision Fresh-Up and Air Out Session"  at http://bit.ly/2zNN35H for $197. Afterwards, we even allow you to apply it to some of our other programs. 

When you register, I'll send you a quick questionnaire so we don't waste time to pin point your needs.  We will set up your appointment and can meet at my office, on Zoom or on our teleconference line - whatever makes you the most comfortable.

We will talk about what you've done right - what's working and then what you want to be different. We may address blocks but get to what you want to do that you're not doing - that book - that webinar - that marketing strategy - taking time off - overcoming the blocks and fears - money - whatever comes up and then we'll focus on the primary ones to get you shifted into a new level so you can be excited and passionate about what's coming.    Most importantly, I want you to walk away feeling more excited and focused about your future!  No matter how "cool for school you are" or how many years in  business , we all need to be re-lit from time to time.

If you're feeling the twinge: you, know, the "maybe I should do this", it's a great time and opportunity, but I do have limited space.  Register herehttp://bit.ly/2zNN35H 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Success And The Power Of Celebration

Energize your Business, Your Network and Your Life with Summer Fun!
• Discover the Power of Celebration and the 5 ways it can dramatically excel your success!

 • Learn the 2 types of Acknowledgement and HOW you can practice them for optimal results.
 • Acknowledge yourself for your accomplishments thus far in 2018 (yes, you have more than you think) and set intentions for the second half of the year.

 • Brainstorm with others and connect with new people, ideas and resources.

 • Experience the feeling of being celebrated!

 • Learn the art of combining Relaxation, Fun and money—why else be at a Teen Center!


PERRY PARK TEEN CENTER 2301 Grant Ave. Redondo Beach 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM
10:30 am - 12:00 pm Celebration Workshop Networking/Brainstorming

12:00 - 1:30 pm Picnic Pot Luck Team Building

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Recognition Ceremony

Get Fired Up Now!
$39 Early Bird Special  

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Networking Tips for the Introvert

Do you get sweaty palms when walking into a roomful of people you may not know?  Maybe it’s MORE than sweaty palms; perhaps closer to nausea followed by abject terror.   “Good grief!”, you may think! “How am I ever going to build a new business or following when I don’t like glad handing in crowds?”

Relax!  Some famous introverts have built amazing power relationships and success: think Bill Gates, Meryl Streep, JK Rowling, Steven Spielberg, Elon Musk and Eleanor Roosevelt for starters.

I want to share this interesting article from Forbes because it gives some great information, but more than that, it recommends small groups and continuous deep relationships…. which is, by the way, exactly how I built my business that has supported me for 2.5 decades so it works for more than just introverts.

I became involved in having breakfast every week with some high quality local professionals who were committed to helping me succeed and I made the same commitment to them.  They are now responsible for about 70% of my business.

If you are local, I have an invitation for you below to join me for one of those breakfasts and see how it works – and you don’t have to be an extrovert!!

In 2017, over 227,000 members of BNI worldwide passed over 9.8 million referrals which resulted in more than $13.6 billion in business – and you can be one of them! 

Join me for my BNI chapter’s Visitor Day on May 17th, 2018. You’ll meet like-minded entrepreneurs and have breakfast. Cost is $20 including breakfast. Rock ‘n Brews, Pacific Coast Hwy and Palos Verdes Blvd., Redondo Beach, 7:00 AM (it’s early, but definitely worth it!). 

You MUST pre-register HERE to be my guest.


Thursday, March 29, 2018

Will you still love me when I'm 64? (Beatles)

When this song came out (yes, I was alive) I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to be 64, much less be loveable at that age.
But time changes all that.  We just celebrated my mom’s 90th and I find myself somewhat in that same mystified position again.

Mom is probably as close to the best-case scenario of what can happen when aging.  She is financially secure and able to live in a very well appointed assisted living situation where all her needs are provided for; she has 2 doting children living within miles of her who provide social needs and companionship; she’s enormously popular with her age group, and at 90 seems to have had almost no mental decline.  Her love of jewelry, make up and shopping has not waivered.

All is not perfect. She can no longer walk on her own; has narcolepsy, neuropathy and some other “n” words and sports several monitors underneath her cute stylish jeans and periodically visits Emergency, but she is high spirited, engaged in life, able to whip through a department store on her walker at amazing speeds  (gives new meaning to “shop 'til you drop”) and spends no time feeling sorry for herself.  (This is the #1 trait I admire.)  While many her age are drooling into a cup, she’s planning her trip to Scandanavia and Russia this summer.

I don’t know if this is my destiny – we can do what we can to create great outcomes.  For me, having a business and helping others seems to be my way of being the best I can be right now, but we are not all equally blessed.  My husband did just about everything right that he could, was a rugged athlete until shortly before he passed, never saw a vegetable he didn’t love, and gave tirelessly of himself helping others.  Yet, at the end he lost his memory.  But he had an amazing life that other people have never forgotten.

That’s all we can hope for.  That we’ve honored our gifts in a big way; that we have loved as passionately as we can and have been grateful for all of it.  I did not know I would end up here when I started writing, but that’s what true direction is I think; being authentically who you are for as long as you’ve been given, however long that is.

PS:  If you're concerned about your aging and want to be sure you find the right direction for you at this point in your life, contact me at mlm@firedupforsuccess.com for a no cost chat.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Vision Mastermind









(I DID AND CREATED ALMOST $40,000 within 90 days.)

Join me for my
  and have the life and business you love!
Consciously direct your visions so that they can manifest
positive, uplifting outcomes!

  • Learn how to create magnetic, inspired visions to attract the right outcomes - even if different than expected - (and usually better!)

  • Discover the difference between a vision connected to your deeper self (and has a higher energy) and one that is created out of fear and expediency which has a much lower vibe and manifests much more slowly and is less rewarding.

  • Learn and practice tools to continually reinforce your visions and keep you in the right direction.

  • Understand the process of bringing your desires to life - and even how you can tell when you're getting close.  (Most of us miss this window because we don't understand what's happening.)

  • Get the support, feedback, coaching and resources you need to accelerate your progress.
Begins Tuesday, Feb 6  10:00 Pacific


You will learn:

  • The 3 phases of visioning: following these steps will create desirable - albeit sometimes surprising - outcomes.

  • Common misunderstandings about the visioning process

  • Shortcuts to increase your effectiveness.

  • How all visions manifest some form of result

  • Why it's not the vision that actually creates and how to power pack your thoughts and visions.

  • Learn an innovative way to clarify what you really want in the 5 primary areas of your life.

  • The one element that keeps visions from creating your desired outcomes.

  • Why things appear the worst when your vision is just about to come to pass.

  • How to reframe negative thinking.

"As Mary Lyn helped me craft a  new vision for my life, things began to change right away  and my team members helped me get my first client as a handywoman.   This is not an idea I would have ever had on my own and it has turned out to be my life's work that I not only love but has provided me a wonderful living.  I have always been so grateful."

                                        Cass Reed, The Fix-It Lass

"When I left my full time job as an attorney, I had no idea how to take the next step.  I took Mary Lyn's Vision Workshop and joined the mastermind network.  I had a new vision and today I have a thriving practice, a new husband, and a great life - and I'm still in the Premiere Mastermind Group!  I'm not giving up something that works!"

  •                                      Erica Stambler, Stambler Law

  • Your mastermind includes:

  1. 1 Monthly Live Teleconference led by ME to focused on tips, tools, and breakthrough practices to help you bring your dreams and ideas to life!  (Yes, you can listen in your pj's or from the bathtub.)

  2. 1 Online Live Mastermind via Zoom for members to discuss their victories, challenges, accountability and shared experiences.  (I love seeing your smiling faces, but you don't have to be on camera.)

  3. Set up with "Visioning Partners" to keep you accountable and inspired. 

  4. All sessions recorded so you don't have to miss a thing -even when you have to miss.

  5. Online Facebook community so you can share.

  6. Workbook included which can help you focus.

Mastermind content is set up for 12 months but charged monthly.  Yes, there is a reduction for anyone who chooses to pay in full.) 

Like any mastermind, you cannot determine personal results in the first months and encourage continuity for results, however,  if you have to terminate membership, a minimum notice of 30 days notice is required.

                    $197.00 per month                    

 Save Now for $147.00 a month Early Bird!

Want to talk?  Just e-mail me at mlm@firedupforsuccess.com




         Ready to live your dream? 

      I  can't wait to vision with you!

Mary Lyn Miller, CEO  Fired Up for Success
310-378-4417   mlm@firedupforsuccess.com